An invite by DNC leader Tom Perez…Live Facebook event #DemocratsLive April 12 @ 7pm

Dear DNC Member,  

Tonight, April 12th at7:00pm, I will host Rep. Jamie Raskin and Demos President Heather McGhee to discuss the early failures of the Trump administration, the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch, and reaching out to Trump voters. The show will consist of an in-depth conversation, followed by a Q&A based on questions from Democrats across the country.

To watch live, head to or to our Facebook page,

Please use the hashtag #DemocratsLive or tag @DNC to ask a question before or during the broadcast.

You can also help promote the show on Twitter. Here’s some draft tweets you can send:

Have a question you’d like to see asked during #DemocratsLive with Demos President @hmmcghee Tag @DNC with your question now.

Watch @tomperez, @jamie_raskin, and @hmcghee on #DemocratsLive tonight at 7pm ET.

Join Demos President @hmcghee and Rep. @jamie_raskin tonight at 7pm ET for the next episode of @DemocratsLive!

We look forward to another successful Democrats Live and hope you’re able to join us tonight by logging on to at 7pm ET!


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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