Our Spring “GIVE” fundraiser 2017

There has been growing excitement among our ranks as we have come together locally and are seeking to reinvigorate the Democratic party of Richland County.  The current political landscape has called many of us to action.  You may have seen our new website, rc-dems.com. We encourage you to take a digital stroll through our new site to see what a great resource it truly is.  You have likely noticed our new logo, reflecting the blue of the Democratic party, as well as, touches of green, adding a freshness of new growth.  We are working on  marketing and educational materials that are branded with our new colors and identity to show a consistent brand to the public.  Our blog posts and news section is a great way to keep up with progressive politics locally and beyond.  Please consider subscribing to our blog so you never miss another post.  They easily come to your email box for later reading.

Recently, excitement has been growing in our group as we have a renewed sense of interest in our local party and people are energized to make progress happen.  Our greatest asset is our location of 900 North Main St., which is essentially a billboard for our Democratic party and easily identifiable in the community.  We are looking to make some simple improvements and we want to have some office hours this summer.  We have a window of 12 months before the next spring election and we are moving forward with an action plan to engage more voters this summer.

We are excited to have partnered with ActBlue, the leaders in progressive fundraising. They are the people behind Bernie Sanders’ small donation approach which revolutionized how campaigns are financed.  Their platform for social giving is so easy to use and incredibly safe & secure.  Electronic giving has simplified fundraising campaigns in this day and recurring support is vital for grass-root groups like ours.  Here is the link to our new Spring “GIVE” 2017 fundraising campaign.  Please consider how you might be able to give to our efforts. We have donation levels for every budget and we truly appreciate every donation!

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