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Join Bernie Sanders and Tammy in Eau Claire!

🚨This is not a drill! 🚨Sen. Bernie Sanders is coming to Wisconsin to join our Senator Tammy Baldwin at a rally in Eau Claire! We know it’s going to take a strong grassroots showing to beat back the outside special interests spending millions to defeat Tammy. Bernie has always been a strong ally in the Senate fighting against special interests, and we’re thrilled he can join us here in Wisconsin too.

Saturday, July 14th
Doors open at 8:00 am
The Lismore Hotel
333 Gibson Street, Eau Claire, WI
RSVP to Attend Here!
Tammy Baldwin is a leader Wisconsin can be proud of. She has done incredible work in Washington on behalf of Wisconsin, and we need to make sure she’s re-elected in November!

Every 4th of July, between parades and fireworks, I almost always find myself thinking about what it means to be an American.

History books teach us a lot about our nation’s founding, that the brave men and women who fought for our independence did so not out of hate, but out of a fierce love for their people. Our founding mothers and fathers wanted more than anything the chance to lead their communities with the values of their new nation: freedom, independence, and a fair shot for everyone to make their own future.

Of course, our nation hasn’t always been on the right side of history. It took centuries for our nation’s leaders to enshrine into law equality and justice for all people. And we’re still trying to make that reality as well as trying to make good on the promise of a fair shot for everyone.

242 years later, we still have a lot of work to do. I can’t remember a time in my life when our nation was so divided and faced so much turmoil.

Here in Wisconsin, families are hurting. Far too many are living paycheck to paycheck, earning wages far below what they deserve. They see their loved ones struggle with addiction while health care costs continue to soar. Parents worry over their children whose schools can barely keep the lights on. Some families stay awake at night knowing their legal status may one day turn their entire life upside down.

In these times, Wisconsin needs leaders with a clear vision. We need leaders who will work to ensure our economy is fair and works for everyone. We need thriving communities where all our neighbors are welcomed and included. We need schools that provide a good education and we need good roads to get our kids there safe.

Wisconsinites still believe in the values of our country’s founders. We’re still trying to carry forward the vision of freedom, fairness and justice for all.

I love Wisconsin because I believe in Wisconsin. I know we have the potential to be a state and a nation we can be proud of where our values shine through.

That’s why I’m going to continue to do the work of electing Democratic leaders up and down the ballot who feel the same way.

Like the founding of our nation 242 years ago, the age we live in now will be written down in history books. When our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren learn how we as a nation responded to such division and hardship, I hope we make them proud.

Gas prices rising

Gas prices are soaring as we round out this holiday weekend. Around the state, they’re he highest they’ve been in four years. 

This a shame — President Trump claims he has “tremendous control” over the fluctuation of the prices, but for the average Wisconsinite who’s just trying to travel to see friends and family, they’re forced to think twice about whether that will be possible this year.

As gas prices continue to rise, we must hold our elected officials accountable for not doing anything to stifle these increased costs for Wisconsin families.

Wisconsin has so many natural treasures to share, but astronomical gas prices make it very challenging for regular folks to take a vacation. Travel and tourism are such important parts of our working economy, but when people are not able to enjoy our state because of soaring gas prices, we are doing wrong by our Wisconsin values.

Tammy fights for Wisconsin farmers

Senator Baldwin has been fighting for Wisconsin farmers over the past few months, and on Thursday, the Senate passed the Farm Bill on an 86-11 vote, renewing crop insurance and land conservation programs.

This is good news for Wisconsin farmers, and in November, we need to make sure Tammy Baldwin is re-elected so she can continue advocating for Wisconsin families!

Photo: AP

DNC appoints new CEO

Seema Nanda was appointed as the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) new CEO last week. Nanda is leaving her most recent post as the COO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and will be the first Indian-American woman to be appointed to the post in recent history.

I am thrilled to see this brilliant woman rise to power and am confident she will lead our party in a unified, strong campaign to November and beyond!

Upcoming Events 🗓

WisPolitics Forum: 

WisPolitics will be hosting the first broadcast democratic gubernatorial debate on June 12th!

You can tune in live from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 12th to hear from all eight candidates. The debate will be broadcast live on Today’s TMJ4 (WTMJ-TV) and WUWM-FM, as well as WGBA-TV (Green Bay). WisPolitics, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and USA Today Network will be covering the event as well.

Tune in to hear from our amazing candidates who know they can and will do a better job representing our shared Wisconsin values.

7 CD event

Thanks to the 7th Congressional District for hosting an amazing event in Northern Wisconsin on July 24th!

Here are the details:

Tuesday, July 24th
4:00-8:00 p.m…RAIN OR SHINE!!
Potluck begins around 5 p.m.
Ojibwa Town Park, Sawyer County, WI

Bring your own chairs to sit under the covered pavilion and listen to full menu of Democratic candidates from around the state share their ideas for our improving our state!

Chris Abele hosts public forum:

On August 3rd, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will be hosting a public forum for Milwaukee County residents to come hear about how the Democratic Gubernatorial candidates will address issues facing Milwaukee County. Sign up here.

Thank you, Chris, for creating this opportunity for discussion and candid conversation with our candidates!

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