Minutes from July Meeting…


Richland County Democratic Party Meeting

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

RC Dems Headquarters, 900 N. Main


Attendees:  Bev Pestel, Susan Jelly, Teri and Marty Richards,  Hollie Harlan, Mary Hanrahan, Pat O’Boyle, Henk Newenhouse, Linda Gentes, Patrick Fargen, Ceil Simonson,  Conner Glassen


  1. Call to Order: The Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.


  1. Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from last month’s meeting were distributed and reviewed. Bev P. motioned to approve. Marty R 2nd.


  1.  Treasurer’s report:  The treasurer was not present. No report was given or submitted.  There was a discussion concerning the need for a monthly report. Marty said that an additional person should have access to our bank account for back-up. Susan agreed and said she’d contact Wes.


  1.  County Fair: The Fair will occur Sept 5 to 9. The booth needs to be staffed Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8pm; 6pm on Sunday. Susan asks for a committee to be formed to manage the details. Ceil, Patrick  and Pat volunteered. Ceil will take charge.


  1.  Fundraiser: Susan said that we needed to come up with another event or way to raise funds. Marty R. said that we should have a finance committee to take charge of this effort. He volunteered to be part of the committee. Ceil S. also volunteered. Susan J said that there are likely many people in the community that would like to serve on committees but can’t make the monthly meeting. We need to reach out to them.


  1.  Campaign Reports:

   Art:  Art will be on vacation from the 24th to the 21st per Teri R. She also reports that the recent Pub Trivia in Lime Ridge was well attended and new faces were there. He received lots of contributions. Next PT is August 7th. Sunday July 22 will be the Caz celebration parade. July 24th will be an afternoon of action and canvassing.

Yakking on the Pine will be a joint event with Passages on Friday the 27th.  More details on these events will be posted on the coordinated campaign site.

Mary H. brought up the Smart Farm option for a meet and greet for Art.  She left messages for Will and Art but they never got back with her.

   Ron Kind: Conner told us that RK was now part of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. Farm bill is back to the drafting board.

Conner brought up the need for phone banking once or twice a month. Susan said that we need to get burner phones and the calls should start in September. Ceil said we have burner phones but need to buy the cards with minutes on them. Someone suggested that we meet an hour before the September monthly meeting to do calls. Susan said we should meet every other week for phone bank night.

Bev suggested that a designated time be posted on Facebook for anyone to show up at HQ to engage in an activity of their choosing… addressing labels, making phone calls, canvassing, etc.

   Kriss:  Bev reports that Kriss made her June 30th fundraising goal which now enables her campaign to be the recipient of financial and campaign support from the state senate caucus.

   Kriss has recently acquired a mobile “campaign office”. It’s a 50’s retro-style camper/trailer that she can bring with her when she travels to various events across the 17th.

    Bev is currently organizing house parties in Richland County for additional fundraising efforts.


  1.  Web Report: Teri has updated the website. Act Blue is up and running. There was a discussion concerning navigating for events.  Teri told us that events could be found via the calendar tab.


  1. Other business:  Bev volunteered to get RC Dems listed in the Chamber of Commerce.  Everyone thought that was a great idea.

Ceil said that the billboard we considered renting was about $1200. This was determined to be too expensive. She suggested that we spend much less than that and make our own signs. All agreed.


  1.  Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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