What district do I vote in?  Who is my elected official?

It is vitally important to be connected to the local politics of Richland County. Everything starts at school district, township and city level.  This page will give you links to your local government representatives, their meeting times and their websites.

The representatives for the City of Richland Center.  The meeting agendas for the City Council.   The people up for re-election on April 34, 2018 are Offices up for election in the Spring of 2018 are: Alderperson   The ward districts of the City of Richland Center.

The most recent city council meeting on February 20, 2018 is available at this YouTube link.

We now have the Simplified Richland County District Maps-check this link out. The government of Richland County.  The meeting schedule of the county board and its committees.  The townships of Richland County are listed on this web page with their respective township clerk’s name.  The county board supervisors district maps. The township maps of Richland County.

The 4 school districts in Richland County are as follows: Richland Center, Ithaca, Kickapoo and Weston.   The school board for each of them is comprised of school board members.  Richland Center, Ithaca, Kickapoo and Weston.